Packaging and Pricing 


All the products we use for shipping chicks, aside from the necessary heat pack, are biodegradable. The chicks are 2-3 days old when shipped, personally we feel they handle the trip much better this way. Each box is lined with two excelsior pads to help keep the heat in and allow them to grip the surface as they are sent on their way. Grogel, which contains extra protein and fat, is provided in biodegradable cups. 


Each of the chicks are banded with colored leg bands so they are easily identified at their new home. When available extra chicks will always be provided. 

Shipping is a flat rate fee of $47 nationwide, and this includes a heat pack (when needed), Grogel, and extra snacks. 

Hatching Eggs 

Each of our eggs are marked with a pencil, unwashed, and individually wrapped with bubble wrap. After the eggs are all wrapped they're placed on a biodegradable egg flat. Pine shavings are used to hold the eggs in place while being shipped. The shavings are tucked into between the eggs and box nice and tight. 

Hatching eggs are always a risk, and we cannot guarantee hatch rates, or how the post office handles the boxes. We do package them very carefully, but once they are dropped off its out of our hands. We do test fertility, but cannot guarantee each egg shipped is fertile. If available we always send extra eggs. The eggs shipped are no more than four days old. 

Shipping is a flat rate fee of $22 nationwide. 

Penryn, California 

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