Hello! Thank you all so much for interest in raising awareness for this very important cause. This is something that has been so heavy on my heart since I found out about human trafficking. I knew it existed, but to be honest, I had no idea just how bad it was. I am a mother of three, and it pains me to think of these children being harmed and some are even sold by their own parents. It is a special kind of evil to want to harm a child let alone your own. Since COVID has taken hold the cases of children trafficked have skyrocketed. Please take some time to research about it, you will be shocked. 

This raffle will last one week, the last day to enter will be August 6th at midnight PST. Every dime raised will go directly to Operation Underground Railroads organization. I will periodically post the amount raised so we can all see what we have done!


Thank you from all of us.

Penryn, California 

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