Seasonal News 

2021 Farm News 

I am looking forward to the 2021 chick season! Some big changes will be happening on this end. Hatches will be going a little different, I will be upgrading to a cabinet incubator to make the ordering a little more efficient and help reduce the wait times. We have some new breeds headed to the line-up for spring and I am pretty excited about it. The egg color wheel will be a little bigger! 

2021 Spring Orders 

When I start seeing the 'Its fall y'all' posts on the gram I know that the ladies will start molting soon. Let me tell you guys about this molt- I could supply our town with feather pillows! When the season makes its much needed change the ladies also take their much needed break. The hatching will still be going on until November, but we wont be accepting any preorders. They are just too inconsistent, so I will just update what I have available for ordering. 

With the new additions to the line-up, pre-orders for spring will be opening November 1st! If you would like to stay up to date with farm news, flock tips and tricks, breed information, and a coupon for pre-orders you may want to sign up for the newsletter!

Silverudd Breeding Program 

This breed is known for its beautiful green eggs. It is a rare breed that was developed in Sweden and was imported to the United States in 2011 and in 2013. Our line of Silverudd are from the first import, and as with any rare breed the gene pool is very small. The small gene pool eventually leads to poor hatching, birth defects, and a poor immune system.


Because of this we have chosen to add a different breed with similar traits into our line of Silverudd. This will help with some challenges we are having here. Doing this will eliminate birth defects, improve hatching rates, and a give them the healthy immune system they need to survive. 


Since we are adding a different breed into our line our new and improved line of Silverudd will be slightly bigger, hardier, not as flighty. We will still be selling the birds as a mix, and the price will be less. Once the breeding has been completed the price will go back to the original Silverudd price. 


We cannot in good conscious sell a breed that we are having challenges with, so thank you all for your understanding and patience as we address these challenges. 

Silverudd Breeding Update

Things are progressing nicely! I am hoping (fingers crossed) that by the summer of 2021 we will have a completely new bloodline for the Silverudd. If you're interested in these the project chicks will be available during this. 

Important Details 

The minimum chick order is 8, this is to ensure they stay warm enough during transit. If you do not want to order 8 that is ok, male chicks will be added to reach the minimum count, and your order may take a little longer to ship out. I will be completely honest, since the chicks are sold as straight run I really don't feel comfortable sending male Cream Legbars to meet the minimum. This is not because I want money, its because I do not want to send someone a box of roosters. So please, before you place your order think about it. 

We do have some shipping restrictions: If you are in the Southern California are with a zip code between 90000-93599 I am not permitted to ship chicks or hatching eggs due to the Newcastle outbreak. This is also true for the state of Florida, hopefully this changes soon!


Please take note when ordering. 

Penryn, California 

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