For 2020-

The chicks offered after March will be even closer to the completed project. This means that the breed will be more than half Silverudd, if all goes well this year we will have a brand new healthy line of Silverudd by the end of 2021. 


Our project is making great improvements! We chose to cross our pure Silverudd hens with an Orpington rooster. We chose the Orpington for the similar body type, straight comb, and most importantly the calm and docile temperament of this breed. The Orpingtons are quite a bit bigger than the Silverudd hens, which will help increase the size of the breed as well as the egg. So far this cross has worked out perfectly. The chicks have all been healthy, hatch rates have been great, and not a single chick deformity.


** As with any rare breed comes challenges. Instead of removing them from our breeding program we have chosen to improve them. We are adding a whole new breed into our line to expand their gene pool. Doing this will eliminate the high percentage of birth defects, improve hatch rates, and strengthen their immune systems. Our new and improved line will be slightly larger, hardy, healthy, and still lay a beautiful green egg. SInce the SIlverudd carry the getics to lay green, there is a small chance that with this cross you may end up with one that does not lay green. That is normal and just part of the way the color egg genetics are passed. When the line is complete the eggs will be green. Just know that when purchasing this breed right now they will not be pure Silverudds, they will be a mix, and that is why the price has been dropped. Once the breeding is completed the price will go back to the original $15 per chick. Thank you all for your understanding as we work to improve our line. **


This breed, also known as the Isbar, was developed in Sweden by Martin Silverudd in the 1950s. They lay between 150-200 eggs per year and are the only breed of chicken to lay a green egg. Their eggs range between a minty green to a sage green, and some are full of dark brown speckles. Silverudds carry the genetics for blue, black, and splash feather colors. When ordering these you will receive an assortment of blue, black, and splash. Between the gorgeous eggs and beautiful plumage, they are sure to add some color to your flock.


*sold as straigh run*



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