*2021 pre-order only*

* Lavender olive eggers will be included in this mix when available*


Olive Egger chicks are a fun hybrid that give a beautiful dark green egg. Since the chicks are a hybrid they will all have different charateristics. Some will look like a Black Copper Marans but have puffy cheeks and a pea comb. Others will have a straight comb and will not have feathered legs. Its all part of the fun in the world of chicken genetics! * sold as straight run * This cross has been back crossed for a darker green egg. They are not technically a F2, although I do refer to them as that becaue more people are familiar with that term. The parents in this combonation are a Black Copper Marans rooster and and easter egger hens lay a light green egg. Each of these hens hold the blue egg gene, and when crossed back to a dark egg layer it yeilds a darker green egg.

Olive Egger Chicks


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