*2021 pre-order only*


Rainbow eggs! Want a conversation starter? Set a bowl of these beauties on your table or counter and see what your friends say. Often, I get "chickens lay eggs that color?" Why, yes, they do! These egg colors, and the breeds that lay them, are a delight to have, that is why we call this the "farmers delight." The egg colors that are included in this pack are from our Black Copper Marans (chocolate egg), Blue Partridge Brahma (cream egg), Cream Legbar (blue egg), Olive Eggers (darker green), and Easter Eggers (which lay various colors). 12 eggs are included in this package, which will include Black Copper Marans, Blue Partridge Brahma, Lavender Marans, Olive Eggers (which have been back crossed), Cream Legbars, and Easter Egger. This package is sure to bring you delight as you collect your eggs! If availabe extra eggs will always be included. Shipped eggs are not older than four days

Farmers Delight Hatching Egg Pack


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