* 2021 Pre-order only*


Our farmers delight is a baker’s dozen of chicks that will add some pizazz to your egg basket and flock! We will select an assortment of chicks that lay chocolate brown, light brown, tan, blue, and greens which will give you that rainbow assortment we all love. This pack will include any mix of Black Copper Marans, Ice Cream Bar, Cream Legbar, Blue Partridge Brahma, and Easter Eggers or Olive Eggers. If one breed is not availabe extras will be added in place.


*one Cream Legbar, an auto-sexing breed, will be added to this chick pack, so you will be guaranteed two females, and the rest of the assortment will be sold as straight run.

Farmers Delight Chick Pack


    Penryn, California 

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