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The Cream Legbar was developed in England in the 1930s, which started with three blue egg laying hens from Chile, the Araucana. These chickens have become a favorite on the farm. They are social, incredibly friendly, full of personality, and aware of their surroundings. This breed is known for being able to tell the difference between males and females at hatch, known as auto-sexing. The males have a large defined white dot on their head and their chipmunk stripes are not as defined as the females. In the above picture, the male is on the left. Full grown, these guys have wild hair, large comb and wattles, and a great personality. Our main man here is Sleepy Craig, who falls asleep each time you hold him- just the way we like our rooster’s temperaments!

Cream Legbar Male


    Penryn, California 

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