English Orpingtons are the largest of the Orpingtons. To say they are full bodied would be an understatement! This breed was developed in England to be used for meat and eggs, which is known as dual purpose. This is a large breed with a weight range from 7-8 lbs and hens lay roughly 200 large tan eggs per year. 


The hen pictured above is a splash and by crossing her with our black rooster we get 100% blue chicks. Genetics fun!


In 1891 this breed reached America, and in 1903 William Cook (the man who developed the breed) brought over a large import. The fanstatic qualities of this breed soon became a hit and their popularity grew. In the early to mid 1900s the breed went through ups and down, and as of 2016 the Livestock Conservancy announced this breed as no longer endangered. 

Blue Orpington


    Penryn, California 

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