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Black Copper Marans are on the list of any chicken fancier. These birds have beautiful black feathers with a beetle green sheen, copper hackles, and feathered shanks. The hens lay around 150-200 per year, with exceptional egg quality. The hens can weigh 5-6lbs and the roosters 7-8lbs and are a great dual-purpose bird. The roosters and hens are easy going and a pleasure to have around. They are social, and the roosters are not aggressive. The eggs are a chocolate brown, and some are even full of speckles. As their laying cycle begins again in spring the eggs will be the darkest and lighten as year goes on. Rumor is, the Marans eggs were James Bonds favorite. Eggs pictured above are Black Copper Marans, Easter Eggers, and the blue Cream Legbar *sold as a straight run.

Black Copper Marans


    Penryn, California 

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