Fermenting Feed 

There are so many different choices of feed for chickens. There are layer pellets, crumble, whole grain, milled grain, organic, non-GMO, etc- enough to make your head spin. We always fed what we felt was a great feed, but there was always so much waste. I would have to switch between pellets and crumble every so often to try and minimize the waste, but always felt that something was missing. I headed to the internet to see what I could to do to try and reduce to cost of feed, minimize the waste, and get a great quality of feed at an affordable price. I had come across several articles about fermenting and was amazed by the health benefits and I was immediately hooked. I will admit, I was nervous about doing it wrong, so it took me a long time to finally take the plunge, but I am so glad I did! 

Below I have listed some basic things needed to make your fermenting a success. 

Penryn, California 

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