Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have farm tours?

Since we are NPIP and need to keep our bio-security up to par, we are not taking farm tours. We ask that for farm pick-ups please park down by the horse trailer and remain in your car, and someone will meet you down there with your order. 

Do you sex your chicks. 

No, we do not do vent sexing or wing sexing. Aside from the auto-sexing breeds, we sell all our chicks as straight run. Wing sexing is not 100% accurate and works best on breeds that feather fast. Vent sexing, like wing sexing, are not 100% accurate, and if done incorrectly can injure the chick. 

Do you vaccinate your chicks? 

No, we do not vaccinate. It is a personal decision here on the farm to not vaccinate. We provide chicks with high quality feed, vitamins, and minerals to help prevent illness. 

How are your chicks and eggs shipped? 

Please see the packaging and pricing page for more information. 

What items do you need to raise chicks?

Please see the page helpful items for chickens. 

Penryn, California 

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