Chick and Egg ID Chart 

When we ship off chicks and hatching eggs they are labeled for easy identification. A lot of chicks look similar when they hatch, so we place color bands on their legs so when you open that box you can figure out who is who. The eggs are marked with a pencil so they can be identified. By doing this you will know what color the eggs are you  also included a list of egg colors each breed lays. 

Chick Bands 

Green: Silverudd 

Pink: Salmon Faverolle 

Purple: Cream Legbar Female 

Yellow: Easter Egger 

Orange: Olive Egger 

Blue: Black Copper Marans 

Green/Pink: Ameraucana 

Purple/Yellow: Blue Orpington

Orange/Blue: Blue Partridge Brahma 

* Lavender Marans are not banded, they are a gray colored chick. 

* Male Cream Legbar chicks are not banded. 

Hatching Eggs 

SB: Silverudd Project 

SF: Salmon Faverolle 

CL: Cream Legbar 

EE: Easter Egger 

OE: Olive Egger 

AM: Ameraucana 

LM: Lavender Marans 

ORP: Blue Orpington 

BPB: Blue Partridge Brahma

BCM: Black Copper Marans- these are the chocolate egg and are not marked. 

Egg Color 

Silverudd: light green

Salmon Faverolle: tinted/pink

Cream Legbar: blue 

Easter Egger: various shades of green and blue  

Olive Egger: olive green 

 Ameraucana: blue 

Lavender Marans: light brown/speckled, can have a heavy plum bloom

Blue Orpington: tan 

Black Copper Marans: chocolate brown and some speckled 

Penryn, California 

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