As our chicken collection grows our need for chicken related things grow, too! This is a list of my favorite flockcessities, you know, the necessary items we "need" for our flocks.


Happy Flocking! 

Farm Shirts 

We did it! We got some shirts made! These shirts are made to order by Maureen over at @pixiespickins .She makes each shirt and ships them from Oregon to your door.  We have a few colors to choose from as well as a few different prints. Head on over and check them out!

The Egg Carton Store 

The Egg Carton Store has all your chicken related needs in one spot. They have several different types of cartons for ducks, chickens, and quail. They also carry various supplies for farms selling eggs or poultry. They also have a section dedicated to marketing materials. This section is great for any farm selling at a market or event. This site is a great resource and wonderful customer service. 

Local Hens 

Local Hens is a place for farmers, big and small, and a place for those looking for local farms. As a farmer you can set-up a free profile that will connect your farm to the community. 

Click the link below to see what Local Hens has to offer.

Egg Block 

These beautiful egg blocks are handmade by my friend Tricia over at PD&B Farm. She selects various types of wood and custom makes these blocks for chicken eggs, quail eggs, and even essential oils! 

Wild Feather Farm 

If you have been looking to have a farm logo then head on over to Wild Feather Farm and check out Caroline's logos! She also makes custom stamps for cartons, tags, and eggs.

Farmhouse Maven 

Stephanie over at Farmhouse Maven has egg stamps, stickers, carton stamps, flock flair, and more! If you want to make your eggs shine then swing on into Farmhouse Maven!

Blackberry Hill Farm 

Liz makes a wonderful assortment of artisan soaps, lotions, scrubs, and bath bombs! She also teaches soap making classes, so if you are close to Carnation, Washington and want to learn how to make soap, head on over to her events section and see what she has going on. 

Farmhouse Apothecary 

Jeni makes a variety of goat milk soaps, lotions, bath salts, scrubs, and candles!  She also makes several herbal salves perfect for sore muscles, aches, and scrapes. So much to choose from!

Red Rock Farmstead 

Winter chores are more fun when you wear a knit beanie or headband, especially one that is handmade. Its science. Olivia over at Red Rock Farmstead has some of the most adorable beanies, along with a few other handmade items. 

The Vintage Coop 

Is there anything sweeter than hand stamped chicken jewelry? Beverly makes bracelets, cuffs, key chains, necklaces, rings, Christmas ornaments, and so much more. 

Penryn, California 

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