New to Chicks? 

New to chickens? Thinking about getting some chicks? Nervous and not sure what they'll need? You have come to the right spot. We have all been there, so rest assured you are not alone. We have had quite a few requests to add a section for those new to chickens. I put together a printable list with some items that may be helpful with your new chicks. This is just a list of suggested items, not a list of items that must be purchased to raise chicks. I've also added a list below of items that I have used for my chickens that have been helpful over the years. 

Flock Items 

Having good quality supplies are so helpful. We have switched over to Rent A Coop brand waterers and feeders for our chicks. I cannot be happier with their products and am happy to say we now offer these for local pick-up! 

Penryn, California 

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