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Our family farm is located in Penryn, California. We take great pride in raising healthy and happy chickens for you and your family to enjoy. Each of our breeding flocks are selected carefully, aiming for quality instead of quantity. If you’re looking to add color to your egg basket, have a fancy breed, or looking for a great dual purpose breed we have you covered. We ship hatching eggs, chicks, and on occasion have pullets for local pick-up. We are NPIP certified, CA-487, and can ship hatching eggs and chicks anywhere in the United States.


Two Chicks & A Coop 

Chickens 101 

  • Choosing a breed

  • How to select a farm to buy from

  • Supplies needed for brooding chicks

  • How to care for them at home

  • Selecting feed, different types of feed, and correct feed for stages of life

  • Fermenting feed

  • Identifying and treatment of sick chicks 

  • Holistic care and herbs for chicks

  • Importance of good husbandry

  • Importance of good bio-security

Chickens 102 

  • Breeding basics for egg color

  • Breeding basics for temperament and flock health

  • Equipment needed for incubation

  • Selecting eggs for incubation

  • Incubation process, candling eggs, hatch day, and cleaning the incubator

  • Feed for a laying and molting flock

  • Fermenting feed

  • Holistic flock care, important herbs, and how to use them

  • Chickens and your garden

  • Importance of flock management

  • Importance of bio-security

  • Identifying sick birds, common illness, and where to take sick or deceased birds

Classes on caring for your flock are new for 2020! We will be offering two classes February 9th, over at Rustic Windmill Farms in Loomis. Each of these classes will be packed with information on how to care for your new chicks as they grow, as well as your existing flock. The classes can be taken separately or together for a savings of $10. Click the link below to be sent to Rustic Windmill Farms to register. 


Come join us and lets talk chicken! 

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