Rise Up For Our Children 

Children are by far the most precious gift God can offer. Sadly, this world is full of predators who enslave these children. The children are sold for labor, sex, and organ harvesting. Operation Underground Railroad, founded by Tim Ballard, is an organization made of CIA and law enforcement officers that rescue these children and place them in a safe environment to begin their healing process. 

July 3oth is #WorldDayAgainstTrafficking please join us in raising awareness! 

You can help by entering our raffle to raise money to help save and provide care for these children. Click the heart below to see what has been donated to win. The raffle will run for one week, and all the proceeds will go directly to O.U.R. 

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A Small Town Farm


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Our family farm is located in Penryn, California. We take great pride in raising healthy and happy chickens for you and your family to enjoy. Each of our breeding flocks are selected carefully, aiming for quality instead of quantity. We have several breeds and have a few new ones for the 2020 chicken year. We will be introducing the Opal Legbar later this year, and like the Cream Legbar, these are auto-sexing and lay a beautiful blue egg.  If you’re looking to add color to your egg basket, have a fancy breed, or looking for a great dual purpose breed we have you covered. We ship hatching eggs, chicks, and on occasion have pullets for local pick-up. We are NPIP certified, CA-487, and can ship hatching eggs and chicks anywhere in the United States.


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Penryn, California 

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